Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Salute at Rolling Thunder

Good afternoon Veterans, virtuous Family Members and Concerned Citizens.....

Your kind words and prior service act as an inspiration for me to take the hill, and is the reason I stand tall and lead from the front as a leader of Marines should do. This Country needs to see my pain, and sacrifice as I demonstrate a small, yet monumental act of respect towards others, a salute of compassion. I hope to inspire them to reach out to fellow Americans, and have them demonstrate just an ounce of my sacrifice and compassion. Ammunition is a very important thing it sometimes acts as a tool to help us get where we are going, I also feel there are rounds that we all need to posses and they are called rounds of morality. These fire much more true and can be even more piercing than real lead. I need to reach out to citizens and have them lock and load and stand at the ready for the healing to begin.

It is my honor to stand before you and show you that your sacrifice and the sacrifice of our brothers that have fallen will never go in vain. Your answer to our country's call to duty came with a very heavy price. I will never rest until you receive all your benefits that Uncle Sam promised you. I will never take a benefit from the VA before you receive yours. When Veterans passed by me on the motorcycle, I didn't see middle aged Americans pass by me. I saw young men and women with a common cause riding by. I saw you as if you were my troops unloading out of my hello as I was sending them to war, one more beach to take before we can rest, that beach is one of many holes, and never ending political sand traps. I will inspire that ounce of compassion within the politicians. I will re-light their torches. I will remind them of the key they posses that unlocks that door of promises to vets of their honorable and faithful service to our Nation. This is not a line I want the Veteran to receive only when they die. I have said it to many times at funerals, and I often wonder if this country ever really paid their dues to this man or his family that lies before me, so I give the most genuine "this flag is presented to you on the behalf of a grateful nation, as a token of our appreciation, for the honorable and faithful service of your husband ...................... I then add,,,,, your family is in our prayers and may he rest in peace...... I guess he can say he finally got his peace, and the pain finally went away, heck it may have been even quicker than it would of taken to get the prescription at the VA,,,, or even diagnosed at the VA first off. Since when is having to go the Hospital a day trip? Technology we have should be able to pay for any hospital to receive the Veteran and care for them. Too much common sense or what?